UV-C Air Disinfection

UV-C Upper Air Disinfection LED Troffer Panel Light


Disinfection Process

The fixture contains a HEPA filter, a centrifugal fan, a UV-C lamp and an LED lighting source. The centrifugal fan draws
indoor air inside the fixture where it is exposed to the UV-C lamp, to ensure the air is disinfected safely in an occupied space.
When the DNA and RNA in the cells of a pathogen are exposed to UV-C radiation, a chemical change occurs in the
nucleic acids, resulting in a corruption in the genetic code. During this process, UV-C radiation inactivates the
pathogen by causing cellular inability to regenerate or replicate, or by causing cell death.



L603.00 * W603.00 * H96.27 (mm.)

L603.00 * W603.00 * H96.27 (mm.)


Model No CCT Switch Colour Temp. Remote Control Shockproof buckle/ Safety Cable Installation Type
AMI-AIR-60-UVC-R With CCT Switch, CCT adjustable 3000K/4000K/5000K With Remote Control Shockproof buckle Embedded installation
AMI-AIR-60-UVC Without Remote Control

Product Attributes

Complete Fixture Power

Model No Power Dimensions Voltage UVC Wavelength Air Volume Noise Level Working Temperature Storage Temperature Warranty Period
AMI-AIR-60-UVC-R 60W 603.00*603.00*96.27 100-277V AC 50/60Hz 275nm 98CFM/ 120CFM 29.5dB/ 42.9dB -10~+40 C -20~+70 C Whole Device: 5 years UVC LEDs: 2 years
AMI-AIR-70-UVC-R 70W 1.212.85*603.00*96.27

UVC System Parameters

Whole Fixture Power UVC System Power UVC LED Chip Lifespan of UVC LED Module
60W 20W(UVC+Fan) 3939 UVC maintenance rate of 10,000 hours: ≥70%
70W 20W(UVC+Fan) 3939

LED Lighting Parameters

Whole Fixture Power LED Power LED Lamp Bead Type Panel Light Luminous Efficacy Dimming CRI PF
60W 40W 2835 110Lm/W Three in one dimming (0-10V, PWM、0-25k resistor ≥80Ra ≥0.9
70W 50W 2835 110Lm/W Three in one dimming (0-10V, PWM、0-25k resistor) ≥80Ra ≥0.9

Product Features

Two Types of Control:

Manual Control Version: Transparent PC function panel displays the current working status of the device.
Remote Control Version:Infrared remote control to adjust equipment functions, more convenient to use. (Remote control is optional)

Product Features

Two Types of Control:

1) HEPA flter: Used to filter small particles in the air of ≤2.5 microns.
2) UV-C Light: Used to destroy the DNA and RNA structure of bacteria/viruses, so that they lose the
     function of reproduction and self-replication, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

Disinfection Test Data

Fan Speed Level Bacteria Effective Volume Disinfection Time Disinfection Rate
Low Level Staphylococcus albus 20m³ 2h >99.26%
High Level Staphylococcus albus 20m³ 2h >99.9%

Note: Third-party laboratory test data, for reference purposes only.

Recommended Disinfection Space Volume and Disinfection Time

Fan Speed Level Category Effective Volume Recommended Disinfection Time
Low Level Purification volume corresponding to each fixture (m³) 28m³ 2h
High Level 34m³ 2h

Note: Based on embedded centre installation in enclosed space.
It is recommend that the fixture is always left running to continuously disinfect the air.

Centrifugal Fan Design Improves Disinfection Efficiency:

  • High quality industrial centrifugal fan with 70000 hours life.
  • The fan speeds up air convection and circulation through the fixture, improving disinfection efficiency.

Air Volume and Noise Test Data:

Fan Speed Level Air Volume Noise
Low Level 98(CFM) 39.5(dB)
High Level 120(CFM) 42.9(dB)

Note: Third-party laboratory test data, for reference purposes only

Product Features

LED Lighting

  • Colour temperature selectable, using slide switch: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
  • 0-100% brightness dimming function: Supports 3 in1 dimming (0-10V, PWM, resistance dimmer)

Seperate Circuits for LED Light & UV-C Disinfection

The UV-C disinfection system and LED lighting control system
have separate circuits, which means they can operate indepentently
or together, to meet specific application requirements.


Product Features

HEPA Filter - Easy Replacement:

  • The HEPA filter collects small dust particles in the air of ≤2.5 microns, ensuring the equipment is kept clean
    and operates efficiently.
  • The filter can be easily replaced by opening the grill cover shown in the diagram below. 3 quick and easy steps.

Simple, Fast Installation

  • The 2’x4’ or 2’x4’ fixtures can simply be installed into an existing suspended ceiling framework.


   Applications include vertually any public space where people work or gather

Model No. Net Weight per Fixture Gross Weight per Carton Outer Box Size Quantity per Carton
AMI-AIR-60-UVC-R 7.00 Kg 7.80 Kg 647.95 x 647.95 x 130.00mm 1pcs/carton
AMI-AIR-70-UVC-R 12.50 Kg 13.40 Kg 1,258.00 x 647.95 x 130.00mm
AMI-AIR-60-UVC 7.00 Kg 7.80 Kg 647.95 x 647.95 x 130.00mm
AMI-AIR-70-UVC 12.50 Kg 13.40 Kg 1,258.00 x 647.95 x 130.00mm

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