UV-C Air Disinfection

UV-C Upper Air Disinfection System


Disinfection Process

Four sided upper room radiation light design: Improves the disinfection range and efficiency of the upper room air radiation layer.
The UV-C radiation layer is contained above 2.1m, which allows the room air to be constantly disinfected whilst normal commercial
activities safely continue below.
When the DNA and RNA in the cells of a pathogen are exposed to UV-C radiation, a chemical change occurs in the
nucleic acids, resulting in a corruption in the genetic code. During this process, UV-C radiation inactivates the
pathogen by causing cellular inability to regenerate or replicate, or by causing cell death.

Product Features

UV-C Safety

A built-in PIR module detects on four sides the presence of people approaching the radiation area and will immediately switch off the UV-C lamp to avoid any exposure.

Efficient Air Circulation

Four sided fan outlet design quickly forms air convection through the fan, accelerating the air circulation and increasing thekilling rate in a given time.

Environmentally Friendly

The air within an inside space is disinfected using UV-C radiation that peaks at 253.7nm,
that emits no ozone during or after use.

The results of microbiological laboratory tests show that a measured dose
of UV-C will kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Product Features

LCD Display & Remote Control

The LCD display indicates the current operational state of the xture. The hand-held controller
provides a convenient option to remotely adjust the functions.

Note: The POWER indicator is displayed in RED
All other indicators are displayed in WHITE

Quick and Easy Replacement of UV-C Lamp

Grill cover easily swings open and lamp can be
unplugged and replaced in a few seconds.


Model Power (W) Input Voltag (V) Wave Length (nm) Radiation Intensity 1m from Light Source Surface (μW/cm²) Noise, 1 Meter Distance (dB) Tube Type Working Temperature (°C) Fixture Size (mm) Remote Control Range (m) Infrared Sensing Range (m)
AMI-AIR-150-UVC 150W 100-277VAC 50/60Hz 253.7nm 100 μW/cm² ≥Level 1: 30dB 2G11 ≥-5°C to + 40°C ≥595*595*168mm ≥≥ 3m ≥≥ 2m
≥Level 2: 40dB
≥Level 3: 50dB



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